REMY & Jawahar Group of Companies completed 5 decades in the field of Distribution & Retail by providing  healthy supply chain to its customers. REMY / JAWAHAR are the authorized distributors in Mumbai, for companies like: Britania, Cadbury, Nestle, Amul, Kellogs, Loreal, Garnier, Colgate Palmolive, Philips,  Vodaphone etc. We deal in consumer products including food, health care, toilleteries, cosmetics, telecom, Infotechnology & Electronics/Electricals. We try to give the best services / prices always to our customers.

'Discover the flavours of fun with CROWN'

For the past many year, Crown Food Products has been a growing name in the Indian Processed Food Industry.

The vast product range has found a respected position in the Hotel Industry, Institutional Clients, Company Canteens, Catering Houses and of course the indomitable Indian Kitchen.

Crown Foods have paid special attention to the long shelf life of its products. This is due to the selection authentic, premium and quality ingredients which in itself is the guarantee of a longer shelf life and consistent quality. Crown products have been packed in an appealing way which helps to keep the purity of the contents intact.

Because of our careful packaging, Crown Foods have done well on the export frontier where the package has to equal to International standards. The best ingredients and better packaging have helped secured and retain orders from countries such as the UK, USA, the Middle African countries etc.

Another aspects of our success has been the price Crown Foods are the perfect example of better quality at a reasonable prices.

The exhaustive range, easy availability, nationwide acceptance and of course, the quality & hygiene factor; which is a result of continued research and improvement in production techniques, have helped us to maintain our popularity with our valued customers in India and abroad.

All have work to make CROWN FOOODS indispensable to those who love good cooking and make CROWN a family name.

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